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A Gray Mfg.150G Style, 2 Piece, 3 Slot, 5 Cent Payphone

Submitted by on March 11, 2011 – 4:09 pm

We find the most interesting Vintage Telephone. Here is the best deal we found for the A Gray Mfg.150G Style, 2 Piece, 3 Slot, 5 Cent Payphone for sale on the Internet.

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A Gray Mfg.150G Style, 2 Piece, 3 Slot, 5 Cent Payphone Picture and Description:

 250553005354893990 A Gray Mfg.150G Style, 2 Piece, 3 Slot, 5 Cent Payphone

An Antique Style Gray Mfg. Model 150G, 2-Piece, 3-Slot, 5 Cent Payphone. _____ Turn your speakers on. This auction has historically appropriate background music. 'Sentimental Journey' Glen Miller and his orchestra. ____ Submitted For Your Consideration: A functioning circa 1930s representation of a Gray Mfg. 2-piece payphone complete with an outboard payphone controller and external ringer. _____ This is the most unique antique payphone currently on Ebay -Because- When used with the supplied outboard payphone controller it will have a functioning double coil coin relay and work exactly like payphones did in the 1930s, It cosmetically and functionally mimics every characteristic of a circa 1930s Gray Mfg. 150G _____ The Payphone Is Supplied With An outboard payphone coin controller A modified Western Electric ringer box The proper locks and keys A Gray/Western vault door A '1B' Instruction Card Holder with instruction card ____ To eliminate the need for a complete external 'subset' a 101A induction coil and capacitor were installed in the frame of the payphone. These parts installed in the payphone are not visible and make connecting it to the external ringer box and the payphone controller very easy. _____ The Payphone's Operation When used with the supplied coin controller this payphone operates exactly the way payphones operated when they were in service in the 1930s and 1940s. The authentic timing of the payphone's coin functions are accurately duplicated by the controller. For a detailed desciption of the payphone controller's operation click on 'See Other Items' at the beginning of this auction, then click on the Payphone Controller auction. _____ USING THIS PAYPHONE IS LIKE TAKING A STEP BACK IN TIME................. A REALLY BIG STEP !!! _____ Below is a simplified description of how this payphone operates. You lift the receiver then deposit a nickel. After the initial deposit is made you hear a dial tone. You dial the desired number. If your dialed number isn't answered, after an authentic time delay the nickel will be returned when you hang up, if it's been less than 70 seconds since you got the dial tone. If your dialed number is answered, after an authentic time delay the nickel will be collected when you hang up, if it's been more than 70 seconds since you got the dial tone. You answer incoming calls like you would with any telephone. ___ This payphone was designed to operate with modern features such as 'Call Waiting'. There is no need to worry that this payphone won't work with your present telephone service, or if you change telephone service providers in the future. A Rotary To Touch Tone Converter can be added outside of the payphone at the wall jack, if it becomes necessary in the future. _____ The pictures in this auction are of the actual items you will receive. If a 'stock photo' is used it will be as an example and identified. _____ Obviously the fun of using this payphone is making outgoing calls because you are using the coin mechanism. You answer incoming calls as you would with any phone. _____ PLEASE! Before you bid make sure your telephone service provider supports rotary dialing. (If they don't, you will have to add a Rotary To Touch Tone converter between the payphone and the phone line.) _____ This payphone was never intended to be used as a profit-making public telephone. It is sold for amusement purposes only! _____ Scroll down and look at the pictures with detailed descriptions. Please do not hesitate to email any questions you may have. _____ Reproduced Parts This payphone was rebuilt using the oldest original available parts. Unfortunately, a few original 2-piece payphone parts are no longer available or if available are very expensive. Over the years these parts (out of necessity) were reproduced. In an effort to keep the cost of this payphone within the realm of reality a few reproduced or remanufactured parts were used in its construction. If the payphone was 100% original the reserve and 'Buy It Now' prices of this auction would be more than double what they are now. _____ The Gray Mfg. Model 150G Below are scans of a 150G from the famous 1935 Gray Mfg. catalog 'Yesterday Today and Tomorrow' Compare these scans to the payphone being offered in this auction. _____ Internal Wiring This is the inside of the payphone with the top removed. The wood strip, the wiring harness with its cloth covered wire and waxed lacing cord are all original. The wiring on the left side of the wood terminal strip is new. This wiring connects the internal 101A coil and capacitor to the rest of the payphone and the payphone to the outside world. Mounting the coil and the capacitor inside the payphone makes its installation with the controller and the ringer much neater and less complicated than if a complete subset was used. ___ Although a newer version, the double coil coin relay in this payphone is the type that would have been used in a 1930s payphone. Its original design dates back over 100 years.____ The Payphone's Top Below is a close-up of the inside of the payphone's top. Although a slightly newer version, the lead coin track used in this payphone performs the same function as one that would have been in a circa 1930s 3-slot. Compare it to the photo of the top in the 1935 Gray catalog above. _____ The Dial Shroud and Daisy The picture below is a side view of the payphone's dial shroud. It is a type 56 that used acorn nuts to hold the dial daisy. The type 56 shroud was introduced in 1921. The purpose of the dial shroud and daisy were to make the numbers and letters of the dial larger and easier to read when the payphone was in an area that was not well lighted. This is the only type of dial shroud that belongs on a 2-piece payphone. It is not the later more common type (circa 1960) found on most of the junk 2-piece payphones sold on Ebay. Below is a picture of the later style. These were NEVER originally used on 2-piece payphones! ___ Below is a close-up of the dial daisy of the payphone in this auction. Do not confuse it with the common ones found on later payphones from the 1960s. Although they look identical from the front, they are a completely different part. ___ The dial daisy supplied with this payphone is an original and in surprisingly good condition. The background had a few chips which were filled in with 'touch-up' paint. Fortunately, there was no damage to the numbers and letters. ___ The condition of the daisys in the picture below is typical of the way I usually find them. What a shame! _____ 1B Card Holder The 1B card holder is a reproduction. It is an EXACT copy of an original. It even has 1B stamped in the back. In fact, it is so perfect that I could not allow it to be sold unless it was marked as a reproduction; so REPRO is engraved on the back. This engraving can not be removed or covered. These card holders will not be sold separately. Please don't ask. ___ The instruction card is a photocopy. It is a copy of the card supplied by Gray, (see the scans of the 1935 Gray catalog above). It was one of the most commonly used prepay instruction cards on 2-piece payphones in the 1930s and 1940s. Below is a 'still' from the movie "Sorry Wrong Number". "Sorry, Wrong Number" was filmed in 1948. Take a close look at the instruction card. _____ The External Ringer The ringer box was manufactured by Western Electric before 1920. It was rebuilt to make it 'plug and play' with the controller and the payphone. It will be shipped in a separate box. The total shipping cost reflects this fact. _____ Locks and Keys The payphone comes with a 29S upper housing lock and key. The vault door has a 10L lock with 2 keys. These are the proper locks for a Gray payphone circa 1930. _____ Coin Can The payphone does not come with a coin can. Although the track for a self-locking coin can is installed, I do not supply or recommend using them. They are more trouble than they're worth. If you can find a 2A coin can like the one pictured below that is what I would use. They appear on Ebay from time to time. Yes, they are expensive. _____ Directors, Set Designers, Prop Houses and Museums Please Note: This payphone functions exactly as it did when it was in actual service. There is no need to 'act' that the payphone works; plug it into any phone line and it does. Plug another phone into the same line and you can talk to, cue, or prompt the actor during the performance while he is using the payphone. This payphone is ANIMATED; it is not just a visual prop. The sounds produced by this payphone when coins are deposited, refunded or collected can be used as a source of authentic audio. It is perfect for an interactive display in a telephone museum. _____ Sorry, No Popcorn The payphone in the video that follows is not the one being offered in this auction. The ringer box supplied in this auction has exposed brass bells. It is an older vintage than the one in the video. However, the payphones themselves are functionally and cosmetically identical. ___ This video won't win any awards but it does an adequate job of demonstating how the double coil coin relay: returns the deposited nickel (with a time delay) if the call is not completed within 70 seconds after the deposit was made collects the deposited nickel (with a time delay) if 70 seconds has passed after the deposit was made. ___ By using clip leads to connect the top to the bottom of the payphone the operation of the double coil coin relay can be seen. ___ Take note of the time delay after the receiver is hung up and before the deposited nickel is returned or collected. This is EXACTLY how these payphones operated when they were in service 80 years ago. ___ The telephone audio you hear is from a 'Spokesman' telephone amplifier connected to the phone line and out of camera view. ___ _____ A Suggestion Before you buy a 3-slot payphone from me or any seller on Ebay I suggest you buy a copy of this book first and do a little research. It was just published and the result of an enormous amount of research. It covers over 100 years of payphone history. The author, Ron Knappen, is a recognized expert on the subject. The book is available on Ebay. Do a search for Ebay seller: THISUNDTHAT5HNQ _____ Thanks for looking and have a great day! _____ Terms of Sale Bidding If you have zero feedback you must contact us before bidding. If you have more than 3 negatives in the past year you must contact us before bidding. We reserve the right to cancel any bid for any reason. Payment Payment is by Paypal ONLY! New York State residents must add 8.7% Sales Tax or email a valid Tax Resale Certificate after the close of the auction. Shipping and Insurance We Do Not Make A Profit On Shipping! No local pickup - all items must be shipped. We only ship via UPS within the U. S. Insurance is MANDATORY! We ship the next business day after payment is received. The ringer box will be shipped separately from the payphone and the controller. The additional weight and cost in the shipping calculator reflects that fact. Foreign bidders please note: Shipments are via USPS Customs Declarations are filled out accurately. What is on the Customs Declaration is what is in the box. The declared value on the Customs Declaration is the exact amount of the winning bid. The winning bidder is solely responsible for all taxes, fees and duties. Packing Their is no charge for packing. Packing material is a cost of doing business. The payphone is encased in 2 inches of bubble wrap. It is then double-boxed with bubble wrap between the two boxes. The outer box is an extra heavy duty type ECT-44. _____ Every effort is made to insure that what comes out of the box at your end is in the same condition it was in when it went into the box at our end. _____ 30

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